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Common Ground Canberra is the national capital's first low-cost supportive housing initiative focused on providing quality tenant outcomes for people who have experienced chronic homelessness.


Common Ground Canberra assists the most vulnerable chronically homeless people in the community. These are people who have been homeless continuously for six months or more, or who have experience multiple episodes of primary homelessness over a 12 month period. They often have substantial barriers to housing stability such as a disability, mental illness or substance misuse disorder. Common Ground Canberra also targets low-income earners who are unable to access other affordable housing options.

Argyle Housing

If you would like to enquire and/or apply for housing at Common Ground Canberra please contact the friendly and experienced tenancy management team from Argyle Housing.


The team at Argyle Housing are more than happy to assist with your tenancy enquiries and are available Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm


Phone: 02 6241 0352



If you would like to complete an Application Form to be waitlisted for an apartment at Common Ground Canberra, please click on and complete the appropriate form below, then follow the instructions for lodgement of your application:

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