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What is Common Ground Canberra
Common Ground Canberra provides permanent, secure, supportive housing to Canberra's most vulnerable people. Providing our tenants with a permanent home they can pursue their goals.


The Common Ground approach is a partnership between community groups, the private sector and the government, to offer a supported and inclusive community for homeless individuals and families, as well as low-income earners. The program works well with a mix of around 50 percent income-earning households, Common Ground aims to create a community for all residents, rather than a concentrated pocket of disadvantage.


The results speak for themselves. In 2017 tenants who had formerly been homeless were asked about their experiences.  About two thirds of these tenants had accessed new employment, over one third were pursuing education and 92% considered Common Ground to be home.  Some of the other results are that over 80% are happy with the services that they receive.

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