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Common Ground Videos

In 2012 Moonshine Movies was commissioned by Common Ground Canberra to write and produce a series of three short films advocating for the end of homelessness in Canberra.


The first short film, Common Wealth, explores the scale, scope and reality of homelessness in Canberra today.


The second short film, Common Sense, asks its viewers to imagine how they would deal with the realities of homelessness.


The third short film, Common Ground, seeks to identify a potential solution to the problem of homelessness in Canberra.


The Common Ground Short film series won an Award of Merit in the International Best Shorts Competition for use of film/video for social change.


Congratulations to the Producers, Sue Collins and Mike Hill. Writer, Director and Editor Mike Hill and Multi-media designer Hamish Johnston.


ABC 7.30 ACT Report on Homelessness in Canberra


Recently Chris Kimball presented a special 7.30 ACT program giving voice to the homeless of Canberra.

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