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Canberra Common Ground receives funding

The Federal and ACT Governments announced $14 million in joint funding towards a 'Common Ground' project on Monday 29 July 2013, enabling the development of long-term accommodation and support services for the city’s homeless people. $4 million from the Federal Government for the Common Ground project $7.5 million from the ACT Government for the Common Ground project $2.2 million approximate land value (considered in kind a contribution from the ACT Government) $1.48 million each in matched funding from the Federal and ACT Governments as part of the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness. Former Federal Minister for Housing and Homelessness Julie Collins says the money will go towards long-term accommodation and support services. About 40 new units will be built on a yet-to-be-chosen site in Gungahlin.‘That will provide for seven existing homelessness services to continue.’ she said. ‘But importantly it means a Common Ground for Canberra.' 'Common Ground Canberra founder Liz Dawson says the secure property will house both people who are on low incomes and those who are chronically homeless.' ‘It's going to be a very high-class, five star building.’ she said ‘It's going to have a caretaker and security, it's going to be safe.’ ACT Territory and Municipal Services Minister Shane Rattenbury says the project is due for completion by December 2014. Mr Rattenbury says he is keen to forge stronger links between the Government and community sector through projects like Common Ground. ‘It's a particular facility to help people who have been homeless break that cycle.’ he said. ‘It's about providing stable accommodation as the basis and then also the wrap-around services to help people overcome the difficulties they've been having. Whether it's issues of health, education or substance addiction.’

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