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Inspiring Philanthropy Oration

This inspiring YouTube video of a speech by Paul Wheelton OAM takes around 25 minutes but is well worth watching if you can spare the time. Paul talks about community philanthropy and about how ordinary people like you and I can make a difference in our community by setting up a perpetual fund in a Community Foundation.

In Canberra we can do this through GreaterGood – The Capital Region Community Foundation. GreaterGood was established to assist families, individuals and business to set up a perpetual fund or to donate to worthy causes with already established accounts.

Common Ground Canberra has both a gift fund and an open fund within GreaterGood.

If you are interested in supporting Common Ground you can donate directly through GreaterGood by nominating the Common Ground Canberra Open Fund account (if you don’t need a tax receipt), or the gift fund (if you do want to receive a tax receipt for your donation).

You can email us with questions or contact GreaterGood.

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