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It's been 2 years! How do our tenants feel about the experience?

2 year results

For two years we have had tenants call 130 The Valley Avenue their home and we wanted to share with you the results of our tenant survey so that you can see the positive impact that the common ground housing model is having on their lives.

Our tenants have been getting into training programs, universities and connecting with social support and community activities. Most importantly, most of our tenants feel common ground canberra is their home!

  • 35% Commenced training including three tenants, who are currently studying at CIT, Australian Catholic University and University of Canberra

  • 67% Accessed new employment including in hospitality, retail, construction and community services

  • 70% Were connected with social support or community activities

  • 80% Describe their move to Common Ground as life changing

  • 85% Have sustained their tenancy for more than two years

  • 90% Worked with the Northside team to address personal issues

  • 90% Felt safe and secure

  • 91% Accessed community and targeted health services

  • 92% Felt common ground Canberra was their home


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